Mortgage Team


Emergency Mortgage Team

In 2006, The Gibson Law Firm was approached to do something that we never did before….change the terms of a residential mortgage for a borrower that had an unexpected life emergency. We rose to that challenge and successfully resolved the client’s problem with their mortgage. Word spread and we were soon recognized by others as a firm that can help people save their homes, avoid foreclosure and lower their mortgage. Now, years later, we have stopped hundreds of foreclosures, negotiated and modified numerous mortgages for clients and helped people to keep their home during the enormous downturn in the economy.


The Emergency Mortgage Team at The Gibson Law Firm includes very experienced legal professionals who are qualified to:

• Stop Your Foreclosure

• Prepare a Loan Modification/Workout Package

• Present it to the Bank in a Way that Complies with Bank Regulations

• Follow-Through Until Finalization

• Assure That Finalization is Completed

Applying for a loan modification may seem very simple but in residential and commercial loans, there are a lot of hurdles homeowners and commercial property owners sometimes face. We can help you through the process.
You made a significant investment in your home, and we can help you make an informed assessment as to whether you should stay and fight or cut your losses. Don’t just walk away or ignore the phone calls and mail. Call us and we can help you. Bankruptcy is not your only option.

There are a lot of scammers and fraud artists in this area of the law. In fact, some unlicensed individuals are taking advantage of homeowners, charging them large sums of money to help “modify” their loan. Some of our pre-foreclosure and post-foreclosure clients are victims who experienced fraud. Don’t be fooled or scammed, contact a licensed attorney to assist you with your home.

We have helped commercial property owners and residential property owners. We at The Gibson Law Firm are committed to homeownership and property ownership and we are here to help you. Contact Us Today!