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The Gibson Law Firm, LLC provides its clients with aggressive, high-quality, cost-effective, legal solutions. The firm practice areas include Real Estate, Immigration, Business Law, Personal Injury and Civil Litigation. Excellence, experience and enthusiasm are what our lawyers bring to the table. Our approach to the practice of law is simple – we design a bold and unique legal strategy based on each client’s goals and objectives and then execute to completion.

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Why Clients Love Us

We care about our clients. We take the time to get to know them and understand the unique challenges they face.

We don’t let the insurance companies short change you. We fight for your rights and for your recovery.

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Ms. Gibson represents clients with real estate, small business incorporation and limited liability formation, the issuance of shares and membership units, formation of partnerships and drafting of partnership agreements, and formation of for profit and not-for-profit businesses. She also has experience with many areas of immigration including the naturalization process, work visas, temporary protected status, and marriage based residency petitions.

About Who We Are

The Gibson Law Firm was founded in 2005 by Catherine Gibson, Esq. After law school she had the opportunity to work for a large corporate firm that serviced Fortune 500 companies with multi-million dollar litigation and transaction deals. It was an excellent learning opportunity but she wanted to take that legal training and apply it to clients who were injured in accidents, small businesses with legal needs and clients with real estate transactions.

In the past decade, The Gibson Law Firm has opened a New York Office on Broad Street in the financial district and has recovered millions for our clients.

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Case Results

$3,500,000.00 Wrongful Death- The decedent was fatally shot due to negligent security. Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience led the family to recovery of $3,500,000.

$1,500,000.00 Car Accident- A man was a passenger when the vehicle he was traveling in was hit by another vehicle that was involved in drag racing. He suffered severe injuries to his thoracic spine, needed 40 stitches in his chin, his left hand was broken, and he needed fourteen screws in his back.

$875,000.00 Real Estate Partition - A group of owners in real estate had a dispute as to ownership, occupancy, and the right to sell. Successfully represented one party in partitioning the property and selling it for $875,000.00.

Release of Green Card Holder Immigration- Obtained Release of Green Card Holder that was incarcerated by ICE while driving his children to school. Client had minor argument with children’s mother and decided to plea and use first time offender. Client was never advised of the consequences to his immigration status as the time of the plea. The Gibson Law Firm had the plea set aside criminally and argued for and won Client’s release to be reunited with his children.

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